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About us

At Svartisen Moose we have among the tamest moose in the world. Here you will get face to face with the biggest land living animal of Europa. If you dare you might even try to kiss it! Legends claim that those who kiss a moose become irresistible.

You can buy tickets to go on your own moose safari. You will be able to see them and to take pictures of them, but we can not guarantee that you will get so close that you can feed them. If you are lucky, they will come to the fence and you will have the chance to take a selfie and pet them.

You can also prebooked as a group, and buy a ticket for our guided tour to the moose. Here you will get close to the moose. You will have the chance to feed them, give them a hug, a kiss or take a selfie. Included in our guided tour you will get information about the moose generally and historically as well as information about our moose.

This summer you will be able to meet Embla, Arnljot and Wilma. They are well-behaved animals that will even let you kiss or hug them in trade for something good to eat!

Svartisen Moose is situated by the glacier “Engebreen”, which is the glacier in Europa that is closest to reach out into the ocean.


Holandsfjorden in Meløy, Nordland, situates the glazier Engebreen. “All” roads can take you here.

By bicycle or car along Kystriksvei 17. Along this scenic route you will pass by the pier in Holandsfjorden. From there jump aboard the boat which will take you over to Engebreen Pier. The trip takes about 10 minutes. For timetable please check out http://engenbreenskyss.no/ruteinformasjon/

With train or plane to Bodø you can either use the bus which will drop you off at Holandsfjorden pier, or why not enjoy the scenic route with Hurtigruten to Ørnes and from there bus to Holandsfjorden.

If you travel with your own boat you can dock at Engen gest pier in Holandsfjorden.

From the pier and up to the moose it is about 1 km walk in stunning surroundings and you might meet some of our friendly cows or sheep. It is possible to rent a bike at the pier. If other transportation is necessary we will try to arrange it.

Opening hours and prices

Opening hours:

Opening hours from 24 may – 1 september 2019

12.00 – 17.00

Fridays from 28 of june – 2 of august

11.00 – 24.00

From 10 of june – 11 of august, we have extended opening hours:

11.00 – 17.00



Adult: 100.-

Child: ( 3 – 15 år) 50.-

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